Thriving Maine recording artist ILLijah takes a trip abroad for his latest single, inspired by the Christmas classic, called “Home Alone.” Linking with German sensation Simon Blaze on production, ILLijah stars in the recreated Damian J-directed concept with a mature twist filled with hilarious antics and beautiful love interest.

The international collaborations are a huge success with Blaze’s signature radio-friendly sound, ILLijah’s catchy flow and fun-loving visual. The song makes Simon Blaze a most-sought-after force in today’s music. The video showcases a bright-eyed, very eager to takeover the world ILLijah, who is proving to be the next big thing to hit the charts. Young Chrigga and Trevvii co-star.

Like the classic film, the new video is ILLijah’s ideal scenario of being left alone. “The video references the Macaulay Culkin classic and the home alone storyline. In the original movie two burglars try to crash the event with a surprise visit. Contrary to their expectations the only thing they find is a bunch of teenagers and a wild party.“

“Home Alone” is Simon Blaze’s latest collaboration following his 2019 release “On My Way.”

Home Alone” is available now on all DSPs via Coastal Vibes. Simon Blaze appears courtesy Gentlemaniacs Music.

Watch the new video below.