88rising have been steadily increasing their reach in 2019. The collective have a new album, Head In The Clouds II, coming in October, have released several singles, and have their own YouTube food series, Feast Mansion. As we get closer to the album release, Joji and Don Krez have teamed up to send summer out with their new track “Breathe.”

As we’ve come to expect from Joji, “Breathe” combines slick electronic production with super smooth vocals and earnest songwriting. Joji croons over an enchanting instrumental, full of mellow synths and incredible percussion provided by Krez. Krez noted in a statement “We started working on this track a year and a half ago. Joji agreed to be apart of a project I was working on and ‘Breathe’ was born, I love this track because the production complements Joji in an amazing way. It’s been a long ride until the release as we worked on different versions, getting the right vocals. ‘Breathe’ is finally here.”

It’s clear to see and hear the two are in-sync, which makes “Breathe” thrive. You can hear the new track below. 88rising’s album Head In The Clouds II is set for release on October 11, with pre-orders ongoing.