A little over three weeks ago, Seahaven announced their highly-anticipated return with the news of their signing to Pure Noise Records, a new single in “Moon,” and details surrounding their upcoming album.

While the new album, Halo of Hurt, won’t be out until November 20th via the label, today Seahaven have surprised fans with two new singles: “Bait” and “Harbor.” Fans can pre-order the new album from Seahaven here.

On the new singles, lead vocalist, Kyle Soto shares, “’Bait’ was one of the first ideas I had floating around since we had taken a break back in 2016. I held onto it for awhile as a ‘what if.’ Once we all got back in a room again we sort of took it as the first step into what would shape the sound of the new project.

“‘Harbor’ stemmed from just an urge to get in the room and make a lot of noise. Of course with us, the sparse, drawn out verse inherently follows. However I still get a lot of raw energy throughout this one. Also lyrically very conversational, I feel helps paint the picture of the themes and relationships present throughout the record.”

Halo of Hurt is Seahaven’s first album in six years and a riveting new chapter in their ongoing evolution. Astral and eerie, moonlit and menacing, it reignites the magic dust that made Seahaven’s early 2010s run so special. It’s an adventurous rock album that urges you to grapple with your self doubt and innermost demons, then cast them into oblivion. “In Halo of Hurt, there’s some underlying anxiety from coming up short after 2014,” Soto admits. “I wanted to bring it back to the beginning of the band — a revived version of our younger selves in my garage in 2009. No timelines, no pressure. No need to fit a certain mold.




  1. Void
  2. Moon
  3. Dandelion
  4. I Don’t Belong Here
  5. Lose
  6. Harbor
  7. Living Hell
  8. Bait
  9. Eraser