Earlier today, Lydia, released a brand new single “VHS.” This marks their first new music release since 2018.  Frontman Leighton Antleman teased more to come. 

Last year, following the release of “Liquor,” Lydia had announced a hiatus. 

Antleman posted a letter alongside the new single, in which he explained the 2019 hiatus and a look into Lydia’s future. 

“2019 was me stopping to pause, look around and take a breath. Genuinely asking myself, what really matters? To silence as much noise as I could.

 Stepping away from music has had a bigger impact than I thought it would. It allowed me to write differently and more importantly look at the world differently. I’d love to see us playing smaller, intimate shows in place of large venues and longer tours, connecting in a way like we haven’t before. I’ve been writing and recording music quite a bit over the last few years. Songs and noises that I’m truly eager and excited to share again. It has reminded me of what I love so much about making records.”

VHS” is available now on all streaming and download platforms.