Gino Savarino is the brainchild behind Safe Bet, his emotive solo project that he started back in 2015. It didn’t take long for Savarino to know that this project was something worth chasing, and after only a handful of shows, he entered Always Be Genius Recording Studio to put together his debut EP, How’s Life Without Me.

How’s Life Without Me introduced us all to the Safe Bet project, and wonderfully summed up Savarino’s ability to narrative heavy-handed life experiences with sweeping guitar work rounding out his work. His next release came with his second EP, What’s Left of This, in 2017 and was followed by bigger tours and shows, allowing Savarino to take Safe Bet out of Chicago and out of the state for some shows and smaller runs.

Back in 2018, if you may recall, Substream had teamed up with Safe Bet to premiere his two-song mental-health focused EP, Erased // Idle Head. Where 2017 opened some doors touring wise, 2018 found him on the road with the likes of Bogues and Kayak Jones, further expanding the reach of the project.

The last year has been relatively quiet for Safe Bet, as Savarino toured pretty minimally, and instead focused on other aspects of his life while also writing for the next release. That result is Joy, Find Me, his newest EP which is due out on November 6th. Joy, Find Me comes at a great time for fans and new-listeners a like. The EP is a journey, that explores all of the good and all of the darkness that we experience through our tumultuous existence, while looking to provide relief in a sense, as well. The best kind of music is one that you find yourself relating to, and through all of emotions on the EP, Safe Bet was extended an olive branch and a place of comfort in the form of a warm guitar and voice that lacks no emotion, giving you full permission to feel what you need to feel.

Today, Substream is thrilled to once again be working with Safe Bet to give you a taste of Joy, Find Me, with a premiere of his new song, “Blue.” Accompanying the song is a captivating music video (directed by Lars Juveland), that perfectly encapsulates the loneliness and existential crisis of running out of time, so to speak. “Blue” is a devastating track that is simple yet elegant, knowing that existing within the realm of vocals and guitar is more than enough to drive the point home.

‘Blue’ is a song that was written nearly three years ago, about feeling stagnant; just going through the motions of your everyday life, losing touch with the passion and drive toward any short or long term goals,” Savarino tells Substream via email. “I found myself in a despondent state of mind toward my relationship with music, my relationships with people, and with myself- I guess this song is what came from those thoughts.