Following a legacy is hard, and not something that everyone can do. This is often seen in sports, as Michael Jordan remains one of the debated GOAT’s in basketball, but his sons — Jeffrey and Marcus — never quite scratched the surface of the NBA.

And for music, it’s mostly the same across the board with a few exceptions here and there. However, not everyone falls into that same category, and that’s where 2nd Generation Wu comes into play. “Wu Tang Is Forever” is more than just the name second studio album from Wu-Tang Clan, it’s become a popular saying for yard signs, and it’s become…well, true. Wu-Tang Clan has been kicking and thriving for 25+ years, and that legacy is turning into a dynasty with 2nd Generation Wu.

2nd Generation Wu picks up their own torch that was lit from their parents, and has already brazed a trail all of their own. Led by iNTeLL (son of U-God) and PXWER (son of Method Man), the project also occasionally features other descendent of the Wu-Tang Clan such as SUN GOD (son of Ghostface Killah) and Young Dirty Bastard (son of the late Old Dirty Bastard).

They’re not content to just ride the coattails of their parents, but they’re also not shying away from the legacy that they have laid down. They spent years perfecting their crafts, navigating the trials and tribulations of life, and growing up amidst an artistic movement that soon grew up to become a cultural reset for millions of people. 2nd Generation Wu was able to observe all of this, and has since perfected their own flow and are more than ready.

“It’s actually a great honor to be able to continue the legacy,” the members have said previously. “I know some may feel differently about what we’re doing but the only way to turn a legacy into a dynasty is through the bloodline.”

Most recently, back in September, 2nd Generation Wu released “Heaven on Earth,” which featured producer J. Glaze (Young Money, Q-Tip, Method Man) and embraced their defined sound: combining jazzy, old-school Wu-style loops with modern production delivered by powerful vocals.

Today, Substream is thrilled to be teaming up with 2nd Generation Wu to exclusively premiere the accompanying music video to “Heaven on Earth,” which you will be able to find below.

With this visual I wanted to go with a more artistic aesthetic to satisfy the inner filmmaker in me. So me and my wife, also President of Intellectual Ent, came up with the concept that heaven on earth can be as simple as having a good time with friends,” iNTeLL tells Substream. “The video was shot by Prema777 and edited by me and we think it compliments the vibe of the song very well. Special thanks to the cinematic subjects that volunteered their image to bring this short film to life.”