Chicago-based band Guardrail, who just signed to Open Your Ears Records and are officially releasing their debut EP Yikes, today!

The band’s self-described “diet punk” sound originally started off as a joke, but they eventually started to own it and make it work.

They’re not exactly punk in the traditional sense, (what even is punk anyway??) but it is their biggest influence. Guardrail is here to sing happy songs about not-so-happy things marinated in alcohol and positive energy.

When asked about the new EP, the band commented “We’re getting older. It sucks.”

“This record is our “ode to the aging punk”. Our generation was led to believe that we can do whatever we set our minds to, yet now we’re left disappointed and unfulfilled as we find that’s not exactly true. Between climate change, low wages, student debt, healthcare concerns, mental health, and not to mention the current pandemic and civil unrest, it’s hard to feel optimistic although we try our best to remain in a positive mindset.

Writing and recording this EP was a huge step for us, both as a band and as people. We lived in a house together for a week while recording. Getting to spend that time hanging out. cooking food, and watching horror movies gave us a chance to really connect and grow closer as friends. This then led us to become a more confident unit, which I think the music shows as these are the strongest batch of songs we’ve released so far. On top of that, working with Nick Diener is a blessing for us. He truly cares about the music and having his influence on the songwriting really helped bring these songs to another level. We’re incredibly proud of this EP and we’re excited to get it out there.”

Guardrail is Kevin Andrew (vocals), Ken Ugel (guitar), Alyssa Leassig (bass, vocals), and Doug Brand (drums).