Sophia Scott is an up-and-coming country-pop artist from Boulder, Colorado. The now LA-based singer has developed an impressive, cult-like following, particularly in part to her successful bedroom cover series on Youtube. She found great success and garnered more than 1.2 million views on her acoustic cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” back in 2016.

Sophia Scott has shaken up the independent music scene with her soaring vocals and soothing melodies, and that continues with her newest single, “She Ain’t Me.” The song details how her feelings become conflicted during a chance, odd encounter with an ex-boyfriend. The track feels a little like Carrie Underwood with its southern pop feel, and easy to relate to theme that are painted by its simple but effective lyrics.

“I think this song has developed multiple meanings for me so when asked to give a quote about it I had to really take myself back to the day it was written. The root of the lyric really comes from the flat out fact that I am probably not the easiest person to date. I’m argumentative, I’m passionate, I’m stubborn, and I speak my mind. Those qualities don’t exactly paint the picture of a “cool, fun, girl” that the average guy is looking to date. However, I wanted to portray the battle of expectation versus reality and highlight the irony between what you want and what you might actually need. You never know… playing it safe and following every rule could actually leave you unsatisfied in the end. “