August Brodie has made a name for himself very quickly. He has recently surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify and premiered his last video “Long Distance” with MTV during their Total Request Live Stream on Youtube. 

Today he’s back with his latest single, “Playing For Keeps.” This track blends alternative pop/rock with hints of SoundCloud rap.

“Playing For Keeps” is a song that depicts the stage at the end of a volatile relationship when it becomes too toxic to maintain. 

Brodie says, “I wrote ‘Playing For Keeps’ about a failed relationship. Love is a game and there’s a moment when you both find yourselves battling each other when it’s ending for the last win. I’ve had relationships where it gets to the point where both sides become vindictive towards each other by trying to make the other love them even if they can’t do so themselves, and all so that they can come out on top. To me it’s just such a dark and twisted thing to do to someone who you once loved, to have it become a competition for the remainder of each other’s heart in the end, but it happens.”

The video for “Playing For Keeps” was directed and shot by Laura-lynn Petrick (Mac Demarco, TOPS) and edited by Spaced Visuals out of Los Angeles.