In hip hop, it’s all about living a life of lavish luxury. Artist’s success is governed by luxurious accessories and designer garments. Emerging Chicago recording artist Flossmobchase is on the fast track to accruing these treasures thanks to the popularity of his music and capitalizes with his latest single, properly-titled “Status.”

Available everywhere via Token, for the new release, Flossmobchase raps about reaching superstar status in today’s mainstream landscape. Boasting and bragging with a slick-talking flow and signature lingo, his charisma draws newfound fans instantly over the SauceManKeys production. Today, “Status” has accumulated over 300,000 views on Spotify. All leading to the artist’s expected forthcoming release, arriving late-2021.

Until the full-length release, follow Flossmobchase on social media for daily updates, new music and so much more. Stream Flossmobchase’s new single, below.