America loves a good comeback story. Read below to learn more about Cameron Mizell’s expansive career, and some real-talk accountability:

  1. Cameron Mizell is a musician first and foremost. His Florida band Last Winter couldn’t afford a producer, so Cam recorded and produced its demos, which turned into actual records. These songs eventually landed on early-2000s MTV staple shows such as “My Super Sweet Sixteen,” “Laguna Beach,” and “The Hills”. Cameron eventually pivoted to a career behind the boards.
  2. Cameron Mizell is an accomplished record producer, engineer, and songwriter. Records under his production have sold over 1 million albums. Cam’s first label cut was with Oceana for Rise Records in 2008. He eventually became synonymous with that label, working with rising bands such as Sleeping With Sirens, Memphis May Fire, Hands Like Houses, and many more. But every up has a down…
  3. Cameron knows that his past is quite complicated. He literally lost his mind about two years ago. Seriously. Cameron didn’t trust ANYONE around him, locked himself in a room to avoid people, and burnt many personal and professional bridges while doing such. Also, he anesthetized himself with drugs and alcohol, and felt that he was much a worse person for it. But every down has an up…
  4. Cameron works daily to make amends. He hugely attributes much of this to his relationship with his girlfriend (fellow artist Eliza Grace), Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire, and his loving mother Hsiao Hsien who inspired him to seek therapy, which was a total productive and positive 180 for his life. All of these people inspire Cam in a positive way almost minutely. Cam works out daily, attempts to eat healthy in the South (which is quite the challenger in itself; get it?) and is constantly writing quality songs. 2020 is going to be a good year.
  5. Cameron Mizell is (more than) ready to make your favorite record again. Cam produced upcoming releases The Dead Rabbitts (featuring Escape The Fate’s singer Craig Mabbitt), Michael Bohn (ex Issues, new untitled band), Dropout Kings, the aforementioned Eliza Grace, and DinnK. Clearly Cameron is not limited to success in one genre! In closing, Cameron is just a super-fan of art in general, and wants to contribute in a meaningful manner.

But don’t just take my word(s) for it… Read five quotes below of some pretty noteworthy names:

Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate, The Dead Rabbitts) –

“It was so easy recording with Cam for The Dead Rabbitts EP. He honestly felt like an extremely capable fifth band member.“

Chris “Fronz” Fronzak (Attila) –

“I am extremely excited to have (a yet to be announced band) as a part of the Stay Sick family. I’ve been a fan of the band for a while now and I’m confident that our team has the power to bring the band to a higher level. I’m stoked to announce that the boys will be recording with Cameron Mizell for their debut release with SSR. I’ve always admired Cam’s work and I know that the record is going to turn out amazing. I can’t wait for the world to hear what’s cookin!”

Kevin Hanson (Woe, Is Me) –

“I’ve done 3 full lengths with Cameron. He was always my favorite producer to work with. A master of vocals and great musician. Can really bring all ideas to life.”

Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) –

“Cameron is undeniably one of the most creative & talented producers of our generation. If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes with Cam you know that he’s brilliant but humble. Complicated but life giving. Distant in thought but somehow thoughtful & present in the moment. And if you’re a vocalist you know he can make gold out of bronze. Cameron is all the things an artist should be, and sometimes artists can be so inwardly creative that we lose touch with the outside world around us. Everyone struggles but not everyone is willing to talk about it. I’m so thankful for Cameron’s willingness to speak out about his journey with mental health & nothing makes me happier than seeing Cam back on his feet & using his gifts to the full potential. Mark my words, Cameron Mizell is only getting started.”

Michael Bohn (formerly of Issues & Woe, Is Me) –

“I’m very excited to get back into the studio with Cameron. It’s good to see him back on track and doing something he’s so talented at. Cam is so easy to work as a producer and a solid vocalist as well. I think it’s a no brainer when it comes to working with him on this new project.”

So that’s all (for now), folks. Cameron (and I) truly appreciate you reading this piece. Life is short, and we all can improve. Be kind and power forward. Much love.