Global rock sensations Sick Puppies return to the international stage with a cover of Paul Oakenfold’s legendary hit, “Ready Steady Go.”

The next time you watch hockey and feel that rush of serotonin when the rock theme kicks in with every game, know that you have Sick Puppies to thank for your excitement.

Sick Puppies has been forging a unique path through the international rock market since the members first burst onto the stage. With gold and platinum certifications under their belts, not to mention an impressive monthly listenership above 2 million on Spotify, the band has seen and done virtually everything a group of their caliber can aspire to achieve. It’s easy to assume the only things propelling the band forward at this point are their creative passion and the goals they set for themselves, which go on to become the dreams of aspiring rockers worldwide.

Their new Everest? A song on ESPN/ESPN+ that plays with every hockey game.

Sick Puppies has delivered a driving rendition of Paul Oakenfold’s iconic EDM anthem, “Ready Steady Go,” as inspired as the original. The band says, “For those who haven’t heard Paul Oakenfold’s song “Ready Steady Go,” it’s a classic tune. When the opportunity came to be able to put our spin on it, it was a no-brainer! The NHL screams fast, aggressive, and punchy rock, so we took that energy and recorded it with that attitude. ESPN brings the rock!   We are in good company with their exceptional music team and can’t wait to watch this hockey season unfold.”


Rock and electronic music have a complicated history. It seems every time a rock artist tries to embrace the electronics side of things; it’s very easy for their creations to go awry. That trend appears to be changing as of late, with acts like Architects and Bring Me The Horizon blurring the lines between genres with each release, and now Sick Puppies can stake their claim at helping lead rock’s next evolution.

You don’t need to love hockey or even care about EDM to feel the energy radiating from every moment of “Ready Steady Go.” It’s the perfect song to pump you up and will surely usher in a new generation of fans for a very deserving band.

Need more convincing? Paul Oakenfold himself has signed off on the cover. The legendary producer recently promoted the track by saying, “Check out my song ‘Ready Steady Go’ that will be used for the start of the NHL Season on ESPN and will run for the rest of the year. My friends Sick Puppies did a kickass rock version of it!  Good luck to all the teams this season. Also, BIG thanks to everyone at ESPN for pushing it out there.”