Table-Turned is a subscription-based vinyl service that sends subscribers new records in the mail each month. It is based on the subscriber’s preference, as Table-Turned empowers users to select the genre from two options. Ultimately, the records that will be sent will include some of that genre’s best, in addition to some records they might have missed.

For previous rounds, Table-Turned has offered everything from pop-punk to grunge to noise-rock, and more. Previous labels that have partnered with the service include Sub Pop, Relapse Records, Topshelf Records, Asian Man Records, and more.

“One of the most important parts of Table-Turned is that we’re supporting independent labels. It’s not only at the very core of our business philosophy, but it’s also part of what makes our job fun—making relationships with both our favorite labels and those that are new to us,” explains Table-Turned founder Dan Erbach.

Now, the subscription service has announced a new partnership with two new labels. Starting with Grave Mistake Records, which garage-rock subscribers are guaranteed to get a record from. “Grave Mistake is one of those newer relationships. I’ve been working with Alex at Grave Mistake elsewhere with Table-Turned, and we had talked in the past about how to work together. Our Garage Rock package provided us that opportunity. They have released some of my favorite ‘garagey’ releases, but also have rich punk-rock catalog that I hope our subscribers will check out,” explains Ebrach.

Additionally, ska-punk subscribers are now guaranteed to get a record from new label-partnership, Jump Up! Records. Ebrach explains that, “Jump Up!, on the other hand, is one of my favorites. I was totally a ska kid during and following the third wave (and, admittedly, still am). Being from Chicago, Jump Up! had a distro table at almost every ska show I attended, and I just fell in love with the label. I had a number of their comps and discovered some of my favorite bands from them. Though they release more two-tone records these days, they will fit into the ska side of our Ska-Punk package perfectly.”

Subscriptions are available in limited quantities for a limited time. Subscribers can now also sign up for month-to-month payments. They can now subscribe for $15/month for 12 months. For more information, head to the Table-Turned website here.