Matt Mendel has written with the best of them. Boyz II Men, N’Synce, Ryan Cabrera and many more, Mendel has created classics. And with that honor, the new artist starts his own career in the limelight with his groovy new single called “Chillin.” Mendel plans to cruise to the top of the charts with his new piece.

“Chillin” is a well-blended multi-genre song about having a feels-good time that will last forever. For his debut, the Florida boy is rich with emotion, tailored to a refreshing balance of empowering rhythm, fluid tempos, and lush instrumental work, a signature sound of sorts is woven through the crafting of this original piece. Making a grand entrance, Mendel is star-studded as he foreshadows the promising future ahead of him at the top of the charts.

Starting with “Chillin,” Matt’s debut sets up a promising debut album slated for late-2020. The debut is expected to be groundbreaking, dance-ready and exciting. This is the perfect time to follow this new artist’s soon-to-be award-winning journey. For more on Matt Mendel, follow the rising star on Instagram.

“Chillin” is streaming now on FreshSilce.