Ajeet is a world music artist weaving inspiration from traditional Irish folk to mystical and meditative soundscapes. The band comes together from Spain, Ireland, and the United States to offer an experience which takes listeners on a journey through song, 

Ajeet’s creative process extends beyond live performance to her recording studio, where she produces and engineers her own records. She is multi-instrumentalist weaving Bodhrán, piano, whistles, flutes, and more into her live performances and recordings.

Her music continues to be embraced by communities around the world.

On June 19th, Ajeet most recently released the second single from her EP Lunar titled “Dance of the Moon.” 

When it comes to the single, she comments, “Dance of the Moon sings to wildness in the night and the endless spaces of the dream world. It invokes ancient lore telling of spirits in other realms, who at times offer glimpses past the veil between us. We wake from dreams, and they slip away like dust at our fingertips, but a feeling lingers. This song moves to capture that lingering feeling of the space between worlds, and open to the wild beauty and potent mystery of the imaginal realm.”