Toroto’s Like Satellites find peace and understanding on “Catch My Breath,” the lead single from their debut EP.

The hardest part of growing up is learning that people will inevitably exit your life. That may happen through death or a fit of heartache, but sometimes it’s simply how things work out. Whatever the case, it’s hard to not blame ourselves for someone’s departure, and it’s even harder to forgive ourselves for the shortcomings that became a catalyst for change. Like Satellites vocalist Leah Gillespie knows this better than most, and her band’s latest single searches for understanding.

“This song came out of a really turbulent time when I was losing a lot of people because of my own mental health and because I was holding onto things and people that I kind of knew weren’t coming back,” says Gillespie. “Writing and performing it is really cathartic for me, and I hope that it can do that for other people too when they listen to it or hear it live.”

Substream is thrilled to play a part in introducing the world to “Catch My Breath.” The song possesses the rare ability to make you stop what you’re doing and pay attention to a band most have yet to discover. It’s the kind of driving, relentless rock that stirs the soul and speaks to the woes of our hearts. You can stream the song below:

Like Satellites’ debut EP, Nothing Left To Say, will be released this Friday. Don’t miss it.