Following up his much-talked EP, Confession. Fast-rising Grunge House artist Saint Punk introduces a new sound to his arsenal with the release of new single, “Guttah”. Capitalizing on his current popularity, Punk infuses various elements to create an infectious new effort.

“Guttah” has a house foundation built with an assortment of electric and Trap fixtures. Genuine sound with low-pitch vocals, the song tells a refreshing tale that many will vibe to on the festival circuit expeditiously. It’s a must-hear for any heavy house enthusiast.

Saint Punk on “Guttah”:

“I wanted to see how much I could do with bass. Just really make it the focus of the track. When I listen back it makes me feel like I’m riding a nasty wave and I’m about to get slammed into a wall.”

Stacked up an impressive laundry list of collaborators like The Chainsmokers, NGHTMRE, Sikdope, Crankdat, Benzi, Kap Slap, Goshfather, Snails, and Seven Lions. Saint Punk will become a new sensation in today’s landscape in no time.

Following “Guttah”, Saint Punk promises more great new music this Summer. For more on Saint Punk, follow the rising star on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Fan of Saint Punk? find more great music today on Soundcloud.

“Guttah” is available now via Graffiti Records.

Stream “Guttah” below, courtesy of Spotify.