The Social Animals make the kind of dance-ridden pop rock that reeks of mid-aughts influence a la Metro Station in a way that still manages to feel modern. The music is pulsing and infectious and works in perfect juxtaposition with the hyper-personal nature of the lyrics and the cynical, sarcastic feeling of the vocal delivery. Today, we’re sharing a brand new song called “Cheer Up Charlie” with y’all.

Thematically, the song touches on an experience that you could argue is integral to the human experience. A relationship has dissolved, and when you miss the other person, the little things that used to annoy you about the other person morph into the things that you miss. Lyrically, the song feels like it could have been lifted from the mind of anybody who’s ever gone through a break-up. Lines like “Cheer up Charlie/it used to make me so mad/now I just wish you’d call me and say it again.”

When asked about the track, The Social Animals said: “This is as raw and personal as I get. I recorded the vocal in a haze on an iPad in one go before I really knew the lyrics. Feels a little like looking through your texts after a long night of drinking; You can delete them, but the other person still has them.” They continue “This song is a bit of a tribute to the quirks you hate about a person. Once those quirks are gone, you don’t hate them anymore, you just want to hear them piss you off one more time.

You can stream “Cheer Up Charlie” below.

“Cheer Up Charlie” is available now. You can purchase the track here.