All of us have felt the ache of unrequited love at some point in our lives – that emptiness of loving someone that doesn’t know we exist. Zaku likens it to being underwater in the visual to his new single, which finds the hapless romantic in hot pursuit of the unattainable. Shot in Asia, “Underwater” is Zaku’s first single from his forthcoming February EP release, “Young Yesterday.”

Born in Manila, this Filipino American singer/songwriter was raised around the world as the son of a traveling businessman. Wherever he went though, sports and performing were a major part of his life until a knee injury in college sidelined any professional sports aspirations he had. With a talent that was fed by the thriving karaoke scene in Japan and the Philippines and a love for Michael Jackson until at 19, Zaku moved to Los Angeles where he spent 18 months studying performing arts at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute. Now signed to Global Sound Music Group, Zaku is making a name for himself in both music and acting. Even with the heavy workload though, he still makes plenty of time for travel throughout his beloved Asia, which is where all of the visuals for “Young Yesterday” were shot.

Zaku’s new EP, Young Yesterday, drops February 28 on Global Sound Music Group.

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