It’s a time honored tradition in Hollywood to turn Stephen King novels and short stories into television shows or movies. This year is already giving us one, with the IT remake due out in the fall. This morning a trailer was released for another King adaptation, this time for one of his most iconic works, the Dark Tower series.

The film follows the endless battle between The Gunslinger (Idris Elba) and The Man In Black, Randall Flagg (Matthew McConaughey). The first aims to protect the titular tower, while the latter wants to destroy it and bring death to the world. Wrapped up in this is Jake, an everyday kid who dreams of the two. The trailer does a good job of depicting the duality between the two men, plus a ton of cool gunplay.

While the trailer came second, The Dark Tower is actually arriving before IT‘s release date of September 8. The Dark Tower will land in theaters on August 4.