Warning: Your heart may not be ready for what Father Mountain has to share.

The burden of things left unsaid is a heavy one felt solely by the person who at one point found themselves unable to speak. Perhaps they thought it was the right thing to do at the time, that speaking their truth would only upset or hurt someone else, or maybe they were afraid they would get exactly what they were after. Still others choose not to speak for reasons even they do not completely understand. They saw the moment coming, but when it arrived they were left at a loss. Now instead of living their truth they are forced to relive the moment they froze, forever watching their life pass by rather than taking it by the horns.

Father Mountain know a thing or two about words left unsaid. Hailing from Kentucky, the group has built a career over turning what should have been private conversations into deeply-moving sonic journeys woven together with voice and music. We are thrilled to share the latest of these creations, “Sobriety,” with you today through our exclusive world premiere. You can view visuals Father Mountain created for the song at the top of this post.

Speaking about the creation of “Sobriety,” Father Mountain’s Zane Martin told us:

“I didn’t know the transition was coming when it did. There was no warning; other than too much being decided by the lack of deciding anything. I felt more than I said, said a lot but never much of anything. Miscommunication is something anybody would want to avoid, but when the fear of miscommunication results in the absence of communication, things get messy. I would lay in bed with the lights off, playing my guitar and drinking tequila, I would sing the things I meant to say and never did, my phone recording drunken thoughts over half written guitar parts. It took that to learn the only thing I had left to do was forgive myself. When we started writing the album, those recordings became Sobriety.”

“Sobriety” is just one of ten tracks that appear on Father Mountain’s debut album, Apartment Living, which arrives in stores November 10. The band will be touring throughout the winter to support the album. Their current tour dates are as follows:

11/10 – Nashville, TN @ The Beehive
11/11 – Evansville, IN @ PG
12/1 – Statesboro, GA @ Birdhaus
12/2 – Charleston, SC @ Big Gun Burger Shop & Bar
12/3 – Richmond, VA @ Emilio’s
12/5 – Newark, DE @ Hockey House
12/6 – Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Showcase
12/7 – Mahopac, NY @ Route 6 Taphouse
12/8 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Gateway
12/9 – West Haven, CT @ University New Haven
12/10 – Winooski, VT @ The Monkey House
12/12 – Elyria, OH @ Blank Slate
12/14 – Detroit, MI @ Donovan’s