Melodic-metalcore band Bloom have announced that they will be releasing their new album, Maybe In Another Life, on February 15th, 2024. It will be their first album for their new label, Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders can be found here.

Alongside the album announcement, Bloom have unveiled the title-track of the record, “Maybe In Another Life.” The song speaks to the anxiety that can be buried in fantasy, with lyrics that contrast the experience of a sordid existence and the indulgence of what could have been, and what could be.

“The song speaks to the characters anxieties and their methods of distracting through fantasy.” says the band.  “The lyrics contrast the experience of a sordid existence and the indulgence of what could have been. The song touches on a desire to lament on the harshness of reality. “Lost in the fantasy of being anyone but me”. The listener is left with a sense of longing at the climactic moments of the song with soaring, symphonic instrumentation that fuels the words “Let me start again, I’ll make it count this time. Can I start over? Maybe in another life”.

Watch the video for “Maybe In Another Life,” and check out the artwork and track-listing for the album below.


Bloom Maybe In Another Life artwork


  1. An Entry
  2. Maybe In Another Life
  3. Siren Song
  4. Bound To Your Whispers
  5. Carve Yourself Into My Lungs
  6. You & I
  7. Fragments Of A Dream
  8. Laughing Stock
  9. An Exit
  10. Through The Threshold, Beyond The Bend