Although emerging new pop star A-Zal is taking the world by storm right now, he can’t help but long for home, and shares his homesickness with the world on the new single, “Autopilot.” On the hook, A-Zal sings, “I didn’t know that life would run this way on an Autopilot / It’s sailing over the clouds, but I miss my home, That’s where I want to be / But with you all alone, and life could run that way on an Autopilot, It’s you who I am looking for.”

Self-directed by A-Zal. The song is joined by an conceptualized music video, A-Zal wears abstract attire and an intriguing look. He sports uniquely shaped black glasses amidst boldly colored back-drops, hiding the vulnerability in his eyes from the outside world. In the video, we witness A-Zal flip back and forth between his bolder, more extroverted self in contrast with an introverted, artistic side, providing the video’s most memorable aesthetic.

“Autopilot” delves deep into a part of life where everything seems to run on cruise control. It’s a narrative that celebrates accomplishments, glory, and the charm that life has to offer. Yet, amidst all the grandeur, a longing for the real home, not a physical place, but the soul of a lover, persists. It’s a song dedicated to the first love of your life, a place of belonging, and the relatable emotions that resonate. An ode to the intricacies of love and longing, “Autopilot” encapsulates the sentiment of moving through life’s highs and lows, while reminiscing the cherished memories of a past love that once felt like home.

Alongside solo career, A-Zal has collaborations with major film studios like Marvel Studios, CBS Network, and Netflix followed suit, embedding his soundtracks in popular TV series and movies like “Ms. Marvel,” “Loki,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “Resort to Love.” “Autopilot” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to hop on the A-Zal bandwagon.

Check out “Autopilot” below.