Born in Germany and now based out of Los Angeles, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer-Sasa Stubbs, born Salvatore Galiano- is celebrating the release of his new single, “Feels Like Forever.”

During his youth, Stubbs moved around Germany and this experience has shaped his outcast identity, style, and tattoos. 

Sasa combines pop melodies and strong instrumentals, to do what he does best — defy norms and reinvent himself yet again.

His inspirations draw from pop-punk but aren’t limited just to that. He enjoys 80’s New Wave, and later hardcore punk movements.

By the time he arrived in LA, his influences expanded to trap music, and dark pop mixed with psychedelic/synth-pop.

Almost every decision Sasa has made has been based on him being a rebel during his youth. He never felt accepted at school, struggled with anxiety/panic attacks, and found friendship with those on the margins. 

With his music, he strives to teach love and tell stories of his own personal struggles, as evident by his grand display of tattoos. His music speaks to how he found strength, while still acknowledging and unpacking many hard truths.

When it comes to “Feels Like Forever,”  Sasa says “Igniting a flame of hope is the most important aspect of this song. My dreams and hopes have always pushed me to take unavoidable risks that come along with being a musician. I wrote Feels Like Forever while I felt stuck in Germany waiting for my visa to get to the US. It’s a retrospective song talking about the obstacles I overcame, the regrets of wasted time, and the mistakes I’ve endured along the path to becoming the musician I am today.”

The single can be listened to on all streaming platforms.