Over a quarter of a century into his musical career, Celldweller (the mastermind of Klayton) has certainly become a driving force in electronic music as a whole. From his beginnings in the groundbreaking industrial metal band Circle Of Dust in the early 90’s to his self-titled debut album Celldweller that gained him a massive fanbase in the early 2000’s, he’s had no shortage of inspired material over the years. That being said, the new Celldweller album Offworld is a bold departure, even for for Klayton. There’s echoes of shoegaze and atmosphere that have only been hinted at on previous Klayton-related material.

Celldweller has released a new music video for the track “Mother’s Arms.” The cinematic short form video is set to a hauntingly beautiful a cappella, vocoded track, appearing on Celldweller’s new album, Offworld, released July 28th. Interested parties can also check out the video for previously released single “Too Many Tears”. which premiered exclusively through The New Fury last month.

About the song, Klayton had this to say: “I had been experimenting with iPad apps years ago and found a vocal harmonizer app. One late night, sitting in bed I just recorded a version of this, making the lyrics and melody up on the spot. The fidelity was terrible, as I had recorded it through the iPad built in mic. I decided to reproduce it and make it sound like I knew it should.”

You can purchase Offworld here.