New York’s emerging recording artist Rothstein has become an artist-to-watch in 2023 with his latest hits “Come True,” “Monica,” and “Summertime 1,2.” An with anticipation at an all-time high, the rising star releases the beautifully dark new album, How Not To Drown. Produced in its entirety by Rothstein and Brasstracks’ Ivan Jackson, the new album is a lush, sexy, dark-pop odyssey through the strangest corridors of the human condition.

Rothstein proclaims that his new work is “emotionally articulate” and stands as a major sonic transition from his earlier releases.

“My new album ‘How Not To Drown’ is pretty dark, but it’s more concerned with being beautiful than anything I’ve made before,” said Rothstein in a press release. “Darkness is like that; people do bad things because doing them feels good, and many of this record’s most gut-wrenching moments feel so good it’s easy not to notice what I’m saying. The misery, cynicism and general nastiness are coated in very shiny paint, and that’s just the way I like it.”

The album’s breakout cuts are “small talk,” “chokehold,” “don’t look down,” “pushover,” and “carolina.” Rothstein’s music has already crossed over 20 million streams on all platforms. How Not To Drown is the perfect origin point for newfound fans eager to learn more about the artist and hop on the bandwagon.

Brief backstory, Rothstein – who self-describes as “Raymond Carver, but pop” – folds a myriad of influences into himself, everything from Future to Charlie Wilson to Donald Fagen and Paul Simon, his every line comes out full of candor but gilded with just enough “cool-aloof” swagger to get past even the most cynical listener.

Stream the new album below, and afterward, feel free to follow him on social media.