After creating a buzz with introductory songs, “Valley” and “To The Ocean,” new recording artist Rachael Plays Guitar returns to Substream Magazine with debut full-length, creatively-titled, Dream All Day. A tell-all, Rachael Plays Guitar full-length effort is the project that will be remembered by fans as the moment that creates a life-long bond.

The new 12-track sound is an original, passionate and revealing take on the. On the album, Rachael is most defining when she displays her true feelings on personal songs like “Let Me Be Low”. “I wrote the song about that comfortable lonely feeling, that don’t try to fix it, let me go through feeling,” Rachael explained. “I was an adopted kid. I always had that deep down instinct something was missing. I couldn’t quite put a finger on it but everyone always had some sort of anecdote to try and make me feel better. Your lucky, your this, you’re that… and it always ended up with me trying to make them feel better about all their awkward questions. The song was just a way to express that hey, I feel how I feel. Don’t try to save me. It’s just bein heard ya know. Validated. Let me be lonely, let me be low. No matter who your missing, no matter what you feel. I also wrote that second verse not too long after Mac Miller dropped ‘Swimming,’ if you just let me swim, I swear I won’t drown… as sort of homage as well.”

And with her confessions, Rachael hypnotizes fans with vibrant West Coast-inspired songs like “Palm Trees and Purple Skies,” “Round and Around” and “Hollywood Blvd”. Beautiful voice, great strings and breathtaking story, Rachael Plays Guitar has all the essentials to becomes one of the most popular new stars in today’s music. The West Coast legend Kurupt guest feature.

After the stream, continue following Rachael Plays Guitar’s new music and more on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Dream All Day is streaming now on all DSP via Palm Trees and Purple Skies/XCVI Recordings. Take a listen below.