Introducing Rachael Beck, better known as the up-and-coming recording artist Rachael Plays Guitar, a new Phoenix, Arizona natural sound ready to see her name on the marquee. Apart of her introduction, the singer/songwriter/guitarist presents her debut single, creatively-titled, “To The Ocean”.

Produced by Dae One, Rachael Plays Guitar takes a traditional approach for her formal introduction with a simple concept. The song describes mental getaway that we all must take from time to time. Using the beautiful Bay Area as a metaphor, Rachael washes all her troubles away under the Golden Gate Bridge. Beautifully soothing vocals, heartfelt, hypnotizing, Rachael’s debut is breakthrough for the new artist that fans will be talking about for years to come.

Rachael on the making of her debut, “I’ve had that riff forever with entirely different lyrics… It just never felt right. I’ve always felt some type of way about the holidays and on Thanksgiving of last year, I re-opened the session and mumbled some words. I just pictured takin a boat out from San Francisco to the middle of nowhere and just watching the waves [Laughs]. I sent it to my producer Dae One and he loved it and then hit up my buddy Joey, who has an incredible ear for amping up my sound and takin’ it to a whole new level. The three of us just went in on it and created a track I’m really proud of. Couldn’t have done it without those guys.”

“To The Ocean” is the lead up to Rachael’s debut project currently in its final stages. Slated for a late-2019 release, Rachael debut effort will be released via self-imprint. Enjoy “To The Ocean”? Follow Rachael Plays Guitar for daily updates and new music on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Stream Rachael Plays Guitar’s new song “To The Ocean” now.