For the first time in five years, Man Overboard has released new music.

The New Jersey pop-punk heroes have returned with their first new music following “Heavy Love,” their last full-length album released in 2015. 

“Lifeline” reminds listeners of the bands’ ability to create undeniable melodies and punk grit. The bouncing tempo and memorable hooks prove why the band has remained so beloved, even during their time off as a band. 

Man Overboard went on hiatus after the release of Heavy Love, returning occasionally to play some special anniversary and holiday shows. 

The group convened to record “Lifeline” with no definitive plans for how it would be released, now with all of today’s uncertainty they’ve decided to share the new song with the world.

Bassist/co-vocalist Nik Bruzzese explains: ” ‘Lifeline’ is a song we wrote in December of 2019 asking the question ‘is the love still there to do this anymore or have we all parted ways in life and lost the passion?’ We are the luckiest people in the world to be able to do this but that doesn’t mean it’s not mentally exhausting. Coming off of touring non-stop to real life is challenging. Trying to fit back into life, working on broken relationships, starting families, is what everyone in a band that you love goes through.”

Guitarist Justin Collier adds: “We have really enjoyed the limited amount of time we get to spend together since we stopped being a full-time band. We try to keep things light and fun and not adhere to any schedule but our own. With everything that is going on right now we thought there’s no better time to offer our fans a distraction.”

“Lifeline” is available on all streaming services.