Just last year, Cold released their latest album, The Things We Can’t Stop. It is their first to be released on Napalm Records and first sine 2011’s Superfiction.

In a few days, Cold was set to kick off their headlining run, “A Different kind of Tour,” which of course has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While things are certainly far from normal, and artists losing their ability to bring live shows to fans, Cold is trying to keep things moving as much as possible.

For this Gold-certified rock band, they have chosen to release a brand new music video for their heartfelt single, “Quiet Now.” Thee couldn’t be a better time, where loss is keenly felt and silence is more evident than ever. The accompanying music video for “Quiet Now” is sure to leave chills to viewers.

Below you can read a message from Cold frontman Scooter Ward, and find the new music video for “Quiet Now.”

“I had written the song, “Quiet Now,” for a Cold Army member and dear friend, who had dealt with the loss of a family member during the recording of our new album. A photo was sent to me, of him and his father holding hands while his father was in the hospital… that photograph is what inspired the song. I knew the concept for the video needed to express the intense emotion of the song.

I contacted Patrick Huven from Ghost Motel and filmmaker Alex Schroer to direct and produce the video. I had previously watched their video for a song called “Hush” that they had created and loved the eeriness of it and their aesthetic. Patrick and I got together on the concept for the video being a mother mourning the loss of her child in solitude. We felt nothing could be more painful… the silence of it all. Not hearing the little sounds of a loved one who is no longer there.

However, the only problem was that he lives in Germany, and the distance would be an obstacle. We ended up shooting the story for the video in Germany and then my part here in the states. I reached out to our dear friend and amazing photographer, Dave Jackson, to film and direct my solo part. We filmed it in his studio in Wisconsin. The end result of the two merging together ended up being seamless and powerful.

With our world now being on lockdown and everyone experiencing their own levels of solitude, and a bit of silence, and with music being the conduit that holds us together, we felt now was the time to release the song. People are going through serious loss because of this on many levels, and music sometimes helps during these moments. Our hopes are that a song can maybe help people feel not so alone in it all. Our hopes are that with music, perseverance, and the determination that is within us to overcome, things can be somewhat back to normal again soon.

We love you all. Stay healthy and follow the guidelines to ensure your safety. Our hearts are with you.”