Originally started as a side-project of sorts for Columbus, Ohio singer/songwriter Jake Ciccotelli, Overgrow has grown into so much more. Not long after starting in early-2018, Ciccotelli put out his debut EP, The House You Made, and almost immediately started touring.

Through relentless effort and brutally crushing honesty, Overgrow quickly developed a dedicated following that would follow him anywhere. Capping off a busy 2018, he signed with Common Ground Collective and re-released The House You Made through the label. Through it all, there was a desire to finish the story he created with the first EP, and began work on what would ultimately end up being The Name We Share, which came out last May via Common Ground Collective.

Where The House You Made was a devastating release that detailed the grieving process that Ciccotelli was going through due to the loss of his father, The Name We Share focused on the aftermath and, more importantly: healing. Driven by the impressive singles “The Earth Will Swallow Me Whole” and “Bad Heart,” the second EP showed him refining the sound of Overgrow and laying the groundwork to continue expanding into new territory in the future.

That future is now, as the next chapter of Overgrow is ready to be brought to life. Substream is thrilled to be playing a small part in that, exclusively premiering his new single, “Hang Over Me.” It’s a somber yet hopeful song that deals with being trapped in your own head and fighting to get better.

“Hang Over Me” is about feeling like every day is the same, feeling trapped in depression and like nothing can stop you from feeling that way,” Ciccotell explains to Substream. “I originally thought that this song was about something entirely different, and realized after a little bit of time that it was my subconscious trying to show me how much I’d succumbed to my anxiety and depression. To me, this song was the start of me taking my mental health more seriously. In order to get better, you have to acknowledge that you need help, and this song is me doing that.”

The song will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow, but below you can listen earlier and find our exclusive premiere of the track and it’s accompanying music video.