A death in the family is never easy to deal with. This person has been a part of your life for as long as you can remember, and suddenly they’re gone. It changes you forever, and the grieving process can take months, if not years to come to terms with. It is a long, arduous process, but with a support system it’s possible to move forward afterwards. Jake Ciccotelli, the man behind Ohio band Overgrow, knows what this is like. He’s taken his experiences and has decided to share them with the world. The first taste of this arrives today with “The Earth Will Swallow Me Whole,” the first single and video from Overgrow’s upcoming EP The Name We Share.

“The Earth Will Swallow Me Whole” finds Ciccotelli grappling with his emotions in the wake of his father passing away. The raw emotion of the track immediately stands out, permeating every bit of the song. The guitars pulse with sorrow and a heavy feeling of loss. The drums do give the track a bit of fight, which mirrors Ciccotelli fighting to come to terms with everything that’s happened. The lyrics are deeply personal, from his feelings of emptiness on his father’s birthday to his journey to find a light in the future and follow it as best he can. It’s a hugely cathartic track for anyone who has been through a similar experience, and the anguish, heartbreak, and truth in Ciccotelli’s voice will deeply affect any listener.

The track’s music video gives a visualization to all these feelings. Overgrow is shrouded in shadow as they perform, keeping the focus on the song. A sheeted ghost wanders an empty house, searching for some sign of life or meaning. The video is shot stunningly, as the final shots of the ghost looking out over a gloomy lake will leave a lasting impression.

Ciccotelli explained the personal nature of the track, saying

“‘The Earth Will Swallow Me Whole’ is about pushing yourself to try and find peace in the midst of grieving. As a whole, ‘The Name We Share’ is about the stages of grief, and how going through each one in the past year has impacted the way I see the world. There came a point where I was either going to give up and succumb to depression, or I was going to try to find peace in the fact that my father wouldn’t have wanted me to spend my life being miserable. I could either spend my days waiting for my turn to die, or I could make the most of my time here and do everything in my power to honor his legacy.”

You can watch the video for “The Earth Will Swallow Me Whole” below. Overgrow’s upcoming EP The Name We Share is set for release on May 3.