Former Honeywater-member Zander Hawley has broken out on his own and developed a thriving solo career which continues to soar with the formal premiere of the new video, titled, “Thumbs”. Not straying too far from his folk beginnings, the Los Angeles-native is going stir crazy over his old love and there appears to be no cure in sight.

In the video, Hawley barricades himself in a hotel and sulks. Going mad from love lost, Hawley dives deep into his feelings and unleashes every single emotion in hopes of his love returning to him. Does his love return? Find out at the end of the video, either way, it’s a great crossover hit by the new artist.

Here’s what fans have to say about the new visual:
“Haven’t heard a song this good in a VERY long time. absolute wonder.” – Peter The Sloth

“I love this.” – Janne Stolte

“Who in their right mind wouldn’t fall in love with this song? I’m all thumbs, here it comes, a replay at a time ? Thank you Zander for sharing your art!” – Kat Yuh

Hawley’s backstory, his solo debut (“Hid in the Little Things”) was featured on the popular Fox series, “The Following”. Been going at it solo since 2017, critics have described his sound like an avalanche of feeling and acutely self-aware. “Thumbs” is a follow-up to his 2018 effort, “When You See My Heart”.

“Thumbs” is the beginning of more new music to come from the singer/songwriter throughout the rest of 2020. The new song appears to be off to a great start with Hawley accumulating over 11,026 monthly listeners on Spotify. A forthcoming album is on the horizon, available via self-imprint.

Take a look at “Thumbs” below.