Australian YouTube sensation Arlene Zelina has developed into a Pop Star over the years with her spectacular covers of many of music’s hottest songs. Transitioning success with all original music, the singer/songwriter returns to her roots of the new video, “Dream of Me”.

Directed by Adrian Alvarado, a flawless adult pop with soulful undertones. Inspired by her lustful nature, Arlene explores seductive side seducing her leading man with a tasteful self-portrait art class. Indulging in deep desire, mystery, and more, Arlene Zelina exhibits growth in her material, destined for the top of the charts.

Arlene Zelina on the making of “Dream of Me”:

“We got into a discussion about being a single woman and what that means. We ended up
getting into a whole conversation about self-exploration and the concept of love and lust –
that sometimes it’s ok to not fall in love but instead indulge in the feeling of lust. That was what inspired the song. I really just wanted this to feel empowering to
women, to have freedom of expression, to explore sexuality and imagination on their own
terms, and to be confident and proud of who they are and who they want to be.”The video takes on a ‘Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your french girls’ from Titanic theme…Having someone draw me in different scenarios, creating different dreams that I have created myself.”

Brief history on the fast-rising star. Once signed to award-winning entertainer Jason Derulo’s Future History, Arlene Zelina resume includes collaborations with superstars Selena Gomez, John Legend, Mary J Blige, and Fifth Harmony.

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Watch the premiere of Arlene Zelina’s new music video “Dream of Me” below. You seen it first on Substream Magazine.