DJs are the most influential factors for any artist at any level in music. They control the narrative, expose what’s next and unearth the superstars of tomorrow every time they get behind the turntables. Many refer to them as historians, many rely on them to survive and for West Virginia recording artist DJ Yemi, many need his star power to infect the undiscovered scene to the masses.

“Music scene in West Virginia is very diverse! You have the country roots! And then you have the Hip Hop and Pop influence coming in by out of state talent,” says DJ Yemi. “My approach is all about connecting with the crowd. If I can connect with the crowd by making them feel every song and beat I have done my job.”

DJ Yemi is an award-winning DJ known for his performances alongside various A-list artists like Outkast, Travis Scott, MGK, Big Sean, Lil Dicky and Snoop Dogg. A West Virginia Master of Mix Champion, Yemi credits consistency, explorations in other regions and faith to establish his popularity. “Traveling to other states and seeing opportunity made me want to expand.”

Coming from an unknown environment, through his self-taught motivation, Yemi has created an untapped resource that is highly lucrative and extremely beneficial for the West Virginia Hip Hop. “Hardest thing I would say is keeping up with the different sounds of music! So many different genres of music to maintain. You always have to be tapped in what’s making people move on the dance floor.”

Yemi discovered DJing during the cliche college experience. “Got into DJing in college. Most random college parties are driven by music and alcohol. I went towards the music. I started out playing music from iTunes of my computer not knowing anything about the craft. Now it’s my career.”

Gospel has always been highly influential in music and been the main ingredient to Yemi foundation. Its through gospel, Yemi learned how to connect with the audience on an organic level. “When in church, the music hits the soul and has more meaning than jus anything u listen to on a daily basis. So when I look for music that strikes my interest I look for the same feeling! Soulfulness and meaningful lyrics that stand for something.”

Gaining his popularity through the statewide party scene, Yemi would take his knowledge, resources and passion for breaking unknown artists. Yemi would provide both regional artists and fans the opportunity to break with the launch of his very own music festival known as YemiPalooza. “I often look for unknown artist with a good sound and lyrics! Then build a relationship with them regardless of how big they get. some have gotten as big as billboard hits! The connection always start at the root.”

Launched in 2017 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Grown into one of the most popular annual events in Hip Hop, YemiPalooza has hosted a diverse quality of headliners including big names, Lil Debbie, YBN Namir, Lil Skies and many more. Known for tapping into the most trendsetting artists, this year’s festival will headline “Thru The Night” hitmaker Jack Harlow.

Alongside the third annual YemiPalooza festival, 2020 will Yemi’s commercial debut as he is preparing the release of his debut album slated for late 2020. Promising big-name collaborations, introducing the undeniable WV wave and a few other surprises that will shock the heart of today’s music.

New album the way, latest festival installment in the works, with a lot going on DJ Yemi still continues to keep his finger on the pulse of multiple waves and the importance of staying ahead of the curve. There is always someone ready to claim your spot. “The hardest thing I would say is keeping up with the different sounds of music,” Yemi explains in a press release. “So many different genres of music to maintain. You always have to be tapped in what’s making people move on the dance floor.”

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