Pinegrove is a band that needs no introduction. The world fell in love with Montclair’s lord and savior of “alt-country” on their breakout album– a collection of masterfully crafted songs called Cardinal. You could feel every ounce of love that went into every note that made up that record. The small, quiet moments felt just as important and integral to the craft as the loud, expansive, and emotionally uproarious. On the album, the songwriting on display from Evan Stephens Hall already had such a feeling of mastery and control over the emotional tides of the English language in a way that was sure to add some pressure to whatever comes next.

Late last night, Pinegrove dropped a brand new song called “Intrepid” into the world. The track comes from their tba new album and was released to celebrate the fact the record reaching completion. The song has all of the makings of an instant Pinegrove classic: poetic lyrics that are just as personal as they are broad, super tight harmonies, and a slow crawl into drums that hit you right in the spine. The hype train for the new record started with the Command + S video series, but the release of “Intrepid” has ensured that this train picks up some major steam. You can hear the song below.

Hayley Williams of Paramore, who notably tweets about the power and prowess of acts like Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers tweeted about the track earlier today.