The best songs are the ones that practically write themselves, just ask Chicago based producer Chason. His brand of pop blends just the right amount of nostalgia into the modern soundscape of the genre that it feels fresh and packed to the brim with soul. Take his new song “No Trust” for instance. The track features the damn near angelic vocals of Shuba for the first verse and split-duty on the chorus over a beat that feels like a modern spin on the 90’s brand of R&B that spilled over into the mainstream. This soulful sound pairs almost too well with the tale of millennial young love and jealousy on display throughout the whole of the track.

The verses are split between Chason and Shuba, giving a vibe similar to the 90’s classic “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. That’s not the only place that the nostalgia beings to bleed through either. The video deliberately rips from Nickelodeon’s cult smash, Hey Arnold, and taps Scooby Doo and the gang to help settle the argument present throughout the whole of “No Trust.”

When asked about the track, Chason said: “This song damn near could be the theme song for Insecure season 3. It started out a playful argument between friends transcended into becoming one of my favorite songs to date. Only takes 20 mins to write once I had the bassline down. Shuba and I traded bars as we developed this ‘she said, he said’ situation that we have all been in before. Linking up with the Belief Cycle’s Drew Mantia to help lay down keys for the bridge and really make the drums smack. Then after calling in Chicago’s best kept secret vocalist Lili K to help with the arrangement and make sure the harmonies were on point.

“No Trust” is available now on your preferred streaming service.