Eli Hurts is the brand new project from songwriter, producer, and, multi-instrumentalist, Eli Hirsch. Earlier this year, he released “What If,” which was brought to life after a twenty-minute writing session with producer Ethan Gruska.  

Eli comments, “It’s kind of like a stream of consciousness of what’s going on at least in my head, but I assume a lot of people’s. It’s about the time we waste worrying.”

In anticipation of the video release for this, Eli was kind enough to talk about the single and dive deeper into the meaning behind it, 

Substream:  What was the inspiration/ mindset you had in creating Eli Hurts?
Eli: Hi! First off thanks for interviewing me. It’s really kind of you guys to share. Well, I think the initial mindset was one of self-created misery. Dissatisfaction, anxiety, feeling sorry for myself, indulgent. The songs that arrived initially were something of a purge. To be totally honest, I’m still grappling with whether or not putting these songs into the world is helpful. I will say, for me, it was really helpful to make them. 

Substream:  What was the writing process for “What If” like?
Eli: I sat down in my studio, journaled for 15 min, picked up an acoustic guitar, and the whole thing was written and demoed in like 2 hours. That never happens. But it did for this one.

Substream: In general, what is your creative writing process?
Eli: I’m looking to change it now. It used to be that I would mostly only write when I was “inspired”. My goal now is to write every day even if I wanna stab my eye out with the pen. But in the past, there is either something to be said, like an idea and then it’s about figuring out how to say it – or there’s a little tune I can’t get out of my head and I sit with it for a year until it becomes something or doesn’t. 

Substream: You have a wide range of musical interests which is sick, who would you say were the top three inspirations for this track?
Eli: Huge shout out to my dad who showed me all my first favorite bands, Weezer, Blink, Fountains of Wayne, etc. But when I was writing this my Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness CDs (there’s 2) were on repeat in my Prius. I don’t have Bluetooth, so only cd’s. That was all I was listening to practically. 

Substream:  It’s so important for artists to be releasing and producing music right now, what have been some of your favorite COVID time releases?
Eli: I agree. But alas, I don’t really listen to new music that much anymore. I actually don’t find it helpful. Unless a friend recommends and sends it. But, my dear friend Katie Pearlman put out a song called Wishin’ Tune (you guys should post it it’s really great) ya it’s awesome, she’s awesome. 

Substream: When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do, make music?
Eli: I was pretty clear about it when I was about 14. The first show I ever played with was with my middle school band the night Obama was elected in 08. 

 Substream: What are some of the themes in your other, unreleased songs?
Eli: Narcissism, unrequited love, and early male-pattern baldness

Substream: Follow up question! What do you feel you end up writing about the most?
Eli: Myself. Working on evolving that. 

Substream: Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?
Eli: Living: Paul McCartney Dead: John Lennon

Substream: What advice do you have for someone who’s dealt with the sadness and scariness you felt?
Eli: Know that you are loved unconditionally and eternally. If/when you can’t feel that, it means that your mind is so loud that you are unable to experience the joy of just being. A book that completely changed my life is Echart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I highly recommend that anybody read it. 

Substream: What advice do you have for young, aspiring artists trying to make their way in the music industry?
Eli: To be honest, I don’t really think I’m qualified to speak on the music industry. All I can say it’s full of bullshit and some good stuff too and that’s ok. Don’t focus on the music industry. Focus on the music. If you want to be monetarily successful quickly I highly recommend you do what everyone else is doing.  

Expect more music from Eli along with the music video for “What If” to be released before the end of the year.