If you’ve been reading Substream for a while, you may have seen our weekly Take Five column, where we highlight our five favorite songs from the previous week. For the month of December, we wanted to highlight of our love and appreciation of the holidays by doing something special for our readers. So for this month, we present you with a special variation of Take Five with the Holiday Five.

We’ve gotten together with some amazing artists and music industry people to chat about their five favorite holiday movies. This will be more than a weekly column, so be sure to check in every day to see who joined us to talk about their favorite holiday movies.

Our next piece this month comes from Julia Bhatt — head below to see what their favorite holiday films are!


1. “Home Alone”
2. “Frosty the Snowman”
3. “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
4. “The Grinch”
5. “Elf”
“These are all movies I remember watching as a kid and loving. It made christmas one of the most exciting times of the year, especially when the weather wouldn’t change in Florida. The movies let me see snow and winter, something that I’ve never really experienced first hand. Definitely not Christmas without watching these films.”