Whether it’s merchandise, feelings, or personalities, authenticity is what everyone should aim for. Being your genuine self and expressing how you really feel is not only important for respecting those around you, it’s important for your own health and wellbeing. When something gets in the way of that, it can hurt everyone in your radius, including yourself. North Carolina’s Summer Wars are looking for that realness on new single “Synthetic” alongside Knuckle Puck’s Nick Casasanto, and we’re thrilled to premiere the track here on Substream.

“Synthetic” is a Summer Wars song, so you know it bursts with energy and is built on songwriting that provides a number of incredible riffs. The drums are top notch, and the chorus is big, anthemic, and will have fans singing along whenever it’s played live. What really makes “Synthetic” special is the sensitivity and feeling Summer Wars are able to put into it. You can tell they’re hurting from the lack of honesty, and their plea for something real is certainly affecting. Casasanto’s vocals are also a strong match for the sound and feeling of the song. “Synthetic” is a track that finds a great balance between being catchy and being emotional and moving.

Summer Wars also released a music video for “Synthetic.” Directed by Alex Zarek, there’s a ton of great performance footage of the band here. The shots of nature as we follow a woman through an autumn-tinged landscape are breathtaking, and the visual contrast between the all-white performance space and the bright hues of nature is compelling.

Asked about “Synthetic,” the band says “I wrote ‘Synthetic’ about a long term relationship I was in where we just started going through the motions of being together. Everything started to feel forced, fake, or synthetic. The organic spark that created the relationship was gone. The song as a whole is about the mental mind games you can start to play with yourself, the things you can justify as okay, when your whole world revolves around a person you’re no longer in love with.”

You can check out “Synthetic” below. Stay up to date with Summer Wars on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.