The internet has made finding your new favorite artist easier than ever. This is an undeniable to the truth of how the music industry has changed over the years — the rise and (sort of) fall of illegally downloading music. Whether it was through applications like Napster, Limewire, or Bearshare (and the many variations of The Pirate Bay), or to the cheap but legal streaming options of Spotify, Apple Music, and so forth — accessing music has never been easier.

You also have giants like YouTube and Soundcloud, with the former being the birthplace of Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer, while the latter provided superstar Post Malone and crafted an entire genre of “Soundcloud rap.” The moral of this story is, in this digital age, you have no shortage of ways to find new music — but you’re here reading this right now. So let me introduce you to a new artist that recently caught my attention: Bitter Bones.

Bitter Bones is the solo project of Jesse Harrison, which emerges from his past career in which he toured with alternative and pop-punk bands. All of this past experience for Harrison shines through with Bitter Bones, as well as taking influence from acts like nothing, nowhere and the aforementioned Post Malone. This was no more evident than on his debut single, “All Okay,” which was placed in Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and has since seen streams sky rocket to more than 200,000.

Substream is now excited to be teaming up with the straight-edge act to be bringing their next single, “Hell Bent.” It’s an incredibly thought and heart-wrenching, while still being catchy enough to make a home inside your head, and delivered with an accomplished flair of hip-hop.

In this track I talk about my own struggles with mental health disorders and being homeless during Maine’s harsh winters. This was written about a dark time in my life where I was angry at the world, still in my addiction and living in my car,” Bitter Bones tells Substream. “In the music video It starts out with me having a panic attack and then goes on to me me being pulled back by demons while I’m trying to escape. In the end I find that It was always me that was holding myself back and now I’m hell bent.”

Listen to the new single for yourself below.

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