Sometimes you find a band (or project) that is so objectively neat, you have to look twice. Maybe spend longer listening or reading about that band/project so you can immerse yourself into it and fully appreciate what you’re diving into. That’s exactly wherein the beauty lies of Yours.

Yours is a brand new two-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their story really begins ten years ago when Amanda and Alice met while they were both playing bass in different bands. They kept in touch as years passed and ultimately decided to come together and form Yours, a project that serves as an expression of individuality, unconventionalism and artistic freedom for the two.

Amanda takes on lead vocal duties, while also taking over bass, piano, and synth. Alice handles the rest, rounding out the sound of Yours with her drum, guitar, and backing vocals skills. The influences between the two cover a wide range of music, everything pop music to electronic and back again, self describing their own sound as “sneaky pop.”

Substream is teaming up with Yours to debut their first single, “Summer Is Bad.” It’s an abstract, whimsical track that describes the relatable feeling of looking for hope when you might be stuck in an otherwise dark mindset. “The sun symbolizes help, a friend reaching to pull you out from the darkness. In my case, one of the challenges with going through depression is that it’s hard to see when someone is really trying to help. The lines between friend and foe get blurry,” Amanda tells Substream.

Listen to the new track for yourself below.

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