The majority of people that I encounter in the music industry have zero accountability. Zero. It’s a sad AND anger inducing combination of shit. In “fact,” the acronym “SMH” was invented for this very reason. I shake my head at people that thrive on defaulting the blame for their blunders. Ugh X infinity.

We learned from a young age that everyone makes mistakes and that’s ok! It’s ok. It’s truly ok, yo. It’s truly ok for everyone. yo yo. Everyone. Everyone! No one is immune to error. No one. No one! If you screw up, and, you will, just apologize and offer to help fix your blunder. That’s it. The recipient of said apology will appreciate you. Sincerely. SINCERELY!

AND, another thing: Don’t make excuses. Please don’t make excuses. Please please please please don’t make excuses when you fuck up. It’s ok to fuck up as long as the fuck up is not rooted in hate. Quote me. Your (lame) excuses nullify your (and I am intentionally using quotes here) “apology”; it’s not a fucking apology. You weren’t late because of traffic; you were late because you didn’t PLAN for traffic. If you have lived in Los Angeles for more than three seconds, you know that traffic is a large component of daily life here. Plan accordingly. AND, if you’re late, don’t say that it was because of traffic. It wasn’t because of traffic, fool. Say that you’re sorry and that you’ll try to be on time next time. That’s it. Yup.

Traffic is just one example of local issues that causes my brain to explode into a sea of sincere anger. I have so many more anecdotes and examples on this topic but I don’t want to have a coronary episode in this hotel lobby right now. That would suck and leave my wife without a husband (and my future son without a father). Shit just got real, yo. Just stop rationalizing your errors. Stop. Stahp. Roooon, Stahp! No one wants an excuse. No one. NO ONE. I, for one, sure don’t. I just want pizza. For more than one. That’d be sick. I like pizza.

In closing: Just. Admit. When. You’re. Wrong. That is all! The major difference between a child and an adult is accountability. Don’t be a child; grow the fuck up and own the fuck up. Mic. Drop. I’m off, but I may write a “P.S. Section”.

I caved… P.S. Also, how difficult is it to say “please” and/or “thank you”? Not. Very. Difficult. I’ll show you right now and prove my 100% non-subjective opinion. I just typed “thank you” right now and it took me a few seconds. Also, I just uttered the words “thank” and “you” in succession out loud in this hotel lobby and it took (you guessed it) a few (fucking) seconds. I may have looked strange to someone sitting near me, but that’s the price of being a major literary figure like myself (sarcasm X infinity). Have a super day. I’m off to yell at the sun.