When the topic of heartbreak comes up, it’s almost always in relation to a romantic scenario. Don’t get me wrong, someone dumping you is never a good feeling. But that’s not the only way a heart can break. Hurt from a family member or friend can sting just as badly as from a partner, if not worse. Our hearts are capable of a lot of love from many different sources, and most of those sources can hurt, too. Toronto artist Loviet has felt that hurt. She’s picking up the pieces and reflecting on it with her new track “Symbol of Love,” premiering here on Substream.

Loviet brings a little of everything to the mix musically on “Symbol of Love.” The production values and the way each note is allowed to echo out wouldn’t be out of place on the Top 40 charts, and she combines that with soft guitar riffs to create a sound that reflects the sensitive emotional state she’s in. As the title suggests, the lyrics balance her reactions to her broken heart while also trying to parse through all of the signs that were there along the way to decipher where to go from here. It’s an observant, fascinating look at heartbreak, and one that shows how smart Loviet’s writing is. “Symbol of Love” is going to make you feel that heartbreak, but it’s going to make you think about and learn from it, too.

Loviet explained the history and meaning of the track to us, saying:

“I met and wrote with Hill Kourkoutis on a rainy day in January. We were sharing some war stories over sushi and by the time we got back to the studio, this song just poured out of us. Needless to say, she is an inspiration and one of my favourite people! I used to think love was the only thing that could break your heart, but this song was a necessity in overcoming some of the biggest and most surprising heartbreaks by people and things that I had no idea had that kind of power over me. Whenever I look back, there are always one or two things that stand out, like a symbol. Gritty and gut-wrenching from the start, this song came from the ashes of a fire that was already burning.”

You can listen to Loviet’s new track “Symbol of Love” below.