Dancing is incredible. Whether it’s a professional dancer wowing us on the stage or busting out moves in your bedroom with your favorite song on, dancing is almost always an appropriate course of action. Welsh singer Greta Isaac shared new single “Undone” recently, and it’s definitely the soundtrack to a good dance-off. Today, she shared the music video to go with it, and the urge to dance will grow even stronger after watching it.

“Undone” features everything you’d possibly want in a song to dance along with. There’s a bouncing, fun melody delivered by Isaac. The booming percussion combines with the guitar to create a rhythm to time yourself. Finally, the airy, fanciful synths give “Undone” just a little bit extra to put it over the top.

The video for “Undone” should provide good inspiration, too. The video stars Italian dancer Matteo Marfoglia as he gets his makeup done and gets into his burlesque-type costume. From there, he takes the stage and dances to an adoring crowd made up of a diverse variety of people. Not only is it fun and well shot, the video carries the message that no matter who you are, you can be yourself and dance and have a place to be supported.

You can watch the video for Greta Isaac’s “Undone” above. If you’re in need of a dance break today, I highly suggest you let loose and do it while watching.