It’s been nearly two years since Mitski released Puberty 2, a magnificent album that I still listen to on a weekly basis. Mitski is a consummate songwriter, and there’s always a new facet to discover in her songs even on the 100th listen. Today, listeners have new material to dive into in the form of new single “Geyser.” The track serves as the lead single for Mitski’s newly announced fifth album Be The Cowboy, which will be released in August.

“Geyser” is a powerhouse of a lead single. It begins as an eerie dirge, Mitski’s voice echoing out over a spacious, sparse soundscape, punctuated by a burst of static. As the song progresses more instruments begin to pop up, Mitski’s intensity increases, and before you know it “Geyser” lives up to its name. The back half of the song is a breathtaking cascade of sound and energy, a sonic blast out into the world.

Mitski also stars in the music video for “Geyser,” which you can see above. She stands on a gloomy beach alone in all black, and she runs, collapses, and lashes out at the world in time with the music. Directed by Zia Anger, the video perfectly matches with the song.

Be The Cowboy will be out on August 17 through Dead Oceans. The album art and tracklist can be found below, and pre-orders are now available. Watch out for more news coming soon as well, as the store for physical copies of Be The Cowboy notes that US tour dates will be announced soon.

Be The Cowboy Tracklist
01. Geyser
02. Why Didn’t You Stop Me
03. Old Friend
04. A Pearl
05. Lonesome Love
06. Remember My Name
07. Me And My Husband
08. Come Into the Water
09. Nobody
10. Pink in the Night
11. A Horse Named Cold Air
12. Washing Machine Heart
13. Blue Light
14. Two Slow Dancers

Mitski _BeTheCowboy_AlbumArt