VALE is a fiercely talented singer/songwriter from Barranquilla, Colombia. At a young age, she was drawn to music and began performing in her school choirs. By her early teens, Vale had found inspiration in American pop and R&B music and began writing songs of her own. She was influenced by some of her own inspirations and began to forge her own voice and point of view in the genre.

Now, at age 17, VALE has spent her time in Los Angeles and Barranquilla assembling a collection of singles to be released throughout the year. 

Her debut single “be somebody,” is out now.  This commanding yet introspective track is an ode to self-confidence that leads VALE into finding herself as a pop artist. 

“be somebody is a song that heavy mellow, Mark Johns and I made with the intention of helping and allowing people to realize that they don’t have to live someone else’s life in order to be amazing. this song is like a wake-up call for whoever feels like they’re lost within themselves.”

“I wrote this song with Everett (Heavy Mellow) and Naomi (Mark Johns) in the summer of 2019. it was inspired essentially by where I live, and the people there. where I live, there’s a lot of people that try to portray someone they’d like to be, but they’re truly not. even though the song explicitly talks about people copying others in such a way where they are not being themselves at all, heavy, Mark Johns and I decided not to make this song a ‘roast’ towards unoriginal or insecure people. Instead, we tried to keep it as lighthearted as possible. by doing this, we tried to make whoever identifies with the song’s message feel like there’s room for change in their life, and that it’s enough to be themselves. like we wrote in the lyrics, in order to be somebody, you need to start working on being 100% true to your essence.”


Her infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and standout vocals are bound to win fans from all over the world. 

Her next single “heart” is set to be released on July 17th.