Betty Moon, the Southern California based songwriter, producer and larger than life persona has unveiled the new single “Dead Out Of Love” along with her new EP entitled ‘Translucent’. The EP kicks off with the guitar driven single, which is a return to Moon’s rock n’ roll roots with arena-worthy riffs and stellar production paired with Moon’s unforgettable voice. ‘Translucent’ as EP gives the listener a bit of everything Betty Moon has been known for, including layers of electronic, indie, funk and dance energy.

“This EP represents a bit of everything from me, including hard rock, electronic, pop and even some soul influences. It’s fun tying together different genres to make something my own, and kicking off with “Don’t Stop Now” takes things back to some old school Betty Moon energy, which I think people will appreciate. The lyrics are relatable, and the vibe of the songs allow you to kick back and relax.
I wrote these songs before the lockdown occurred, but finished up the mixing and mastering only recently and it gave a different meaning to all the songs. I was also thankful to be able to do music with 100% focus since I wasn’t able to do much else at the time. I’m sure a lot of artists can relate with that as well.” – Betty Moon