Life can be tough! There’s no one solution for coping with the problems of everyday life, but a little bit of escapism is one of them. Wrapping our issues up in fantastical imagery or transforming them into art can help us process our emotions, look at things from a new angle, and possibly find a solution we never would have thought of before. Australian trio The Dead Love are looking to view things in a new light, and the result is new LP The Extinction of Unicorns, which dropped today.

From the name of the album itself to the rainbow covered album art, everything about the outer package of The Extinction of Unicorns seems mythical and larger than life. On the inside, though, is their own brand of “shitty grunge” (their words, not ours) that finds them working through more common emotional problems and situations. The musicality shines, as the trio change tempos, intensity, and sounds in the blink of an eye, showcasing a wide variety of riffs, drum kicks, and influences. If there’s a certain subgenre of alternative or grunge you like, chances are The Dead Love have incorporated it on this album.

The Extinction of Unicorns is out now on Adventure Cat Records. You can stream the latest from The Dead Love on Spotify below.