A lot has changed for Echosmith since the release of their debut album Talking Dreams back in 2013. From collecting a handful of Billboard charting singles, including the triple-platinum certified “Cool Kids,” to touring alongside acts like Pentatonix and twenty one pilots, the Sierota siblings have laid a solid foundation for their career.

Lead singer Sydney Sierota was just 16 years old when Echosmith was coming to form with her three brothers Noah, Graham, and Jamie. Six years later, she has been able to experience some of the most important transitional moments in both her career and personal life alongside the people who mean the most to her.

“No matter what you’re doing you’re going to change so much in between those ages,” says Sydney. “we still love being together even when we’re not working, we really enjoy each other and really do have a good time together and I would never want to do this without them by my side.”

While the band line-up has changed over the years (with Jamie Sierota stepping away to focus on family), the close-knit relationship between its members has remained. That trust has allowed each member to step out of their comfort zone as they strategically make choices in their career that challenge the band in new ways.

In the past year, Echosmith has made appearances on several collaborations across unexpected genre lines. From scoring a featured slot on the Timbaland remix of Christian rock band For King and Country’s single “God Only Knows,” to showing up on EDM tracks with Audien and Florian Picasso, Echosmith has curated an impressive list of surprising mash-ups.

“We decided sometime last year that we want to do more collaborations with people that you wouldn’t expect,” says Syndey. “We really wanted to be intentional with reaching as many people as possible and just showing up in places that you didn’t expect. It’s been really fun for us creatively. Obviously, being on an EDM track or a more urban track, that’s so different for all of us.”

Their latest collaboration is “But Us” with Florian Picasso (the great-grandson of Pablo Picasso), a synth-focused EDM track. “It’s so simple but it’s really a sweet sentiment at the heart of it,” says Sydney. “The track is just so great and it’s kind of like the perfect EDM song so I was just glad that we got to do that together.”

Beyond the numerous collaborations released just this year, the band has also been hard at work in the studio for their upcoming sophomore album. While they intended to release an album back in 2017, they ultimately decided to release an EP entitled Inside a Dream that leaned more towards pop than their previous efforts.

Making the decision to push back the release of their sophomore album rather than trying to recreate the success of “Cool Kids” gave them the time to organically evolve. With that decision, they’ve also given themselves the chance to take more time to develop their ideas in ways they did not get to the first time around with Talking Dreams. “There are songs that are going to be on this album that technically have been written for over a year and a half, maybe even two years that we’ve just been working on and readdressing,” says Sydney. “This is definitely the longest process that we’ve had creatively but I’m really grateful for it because it all sounds better than it ever has.”

Allowing themselves to lean further into their experimentation across genres, Sierota confirms that the soon to be released music is in the final stages of production and is their best yet. “This music that we’re working on still feels like Echosmith. It has a lot of fun new elements in there, but it still is the same band,” says Sydney. With new music on the horizon, the band has taken on the challenge to develop a new sound that is exciting for them but still holds true to what originally drew fans to their music.

Being patient with themselves and their new creative process has allowed them to boldly head in any direction they want while also staying true to themselves. There is currently no release date announced for new music from Echosmith, but there is no doubt that it will be worth the wait.